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a probationary period for
newly-qualified drivers

Some of your questions answered

Q: What  is the New Drivers Act?
A: A 2-year probationary period for newly-qualified drivers.

Q: When did it start?
1st June 1997.

Q: What does it mean to a new driver?
When you pass your practical test you will receive your full licence as before, but if  you  commit driving offences which add up to a minimum of 6 penalty points during your first 2  years as a qualified driver,  you will lose your licence automatically.

Q; What will happen then?
Your licence will be returned to the DVLA by the Court or fixed penalty office. Your licence  will be revoked & you will have to obtain a new provisional licence, display 'L' plates and  retake both theory & practical tests.

Q: Will I have to pay for the tests again?

Q: What happens if I've passed the test & then collect 6 penalty points before I receive my  full licence?
The test certificate will not be valid.

Q: What if I already have penalty points on my provisional licence, will they count?
Not unless you collect any more, but if you do,  then any points accrued within the previous 3    years will be counted - 6 or over, you lose your licence.

Q: What if my case doesn't reach the Courts until after the 2 year period?
That will not help you.- your licence will still be taken away.

Q: What if I have obtained additional licences for another vehicle category
e.g. a motorcycle licence?
The probationary period applies only to the first full licence.

Q: Is this the only way I could lose my licence?
No. The Courts can still disqualify you if you commit a serious offence & you
may be required to take an extended test.

Q: Isn't this unfair on newly-qualified drivers?
Research shows that certain offences often precede serious or fatal accidents.  The New Drivers Act is meant to pick up these drivers who are at risk, before they kill themselves or  others.

Q: What kinds of offences do they mean?
Jumping lights and speeding.

Q: How many penalty points do these offences carry?
3-6 (speeding) 3 (traffic light offence).

Q: What happens when I  pass my retest.
Your new full licence will carry the 6 penalty points until they end their 3 year'life'.

Q: Can I lose my licence more than once?
Not under the New Driver Act but any further penalty points would be added on .  12  penalty points usually leads to a 6 month disqualification.
Remember serious offences can always result in a retest.

Q: Why should I be on probation?
Young & inexperienced drivers form only 10% of the driving population but have 20%  of the accidents.

Q: Aren't I safer than elderly drivers because I have just finished my training?
Only drivers over the age of 75 are at similar risk.

Q: Why does it last for 2 years?
Research shows that the accident liability rate of  newly-qualified drivers goes down by  a massive 47% over the first 2 years of  driving.

L & L has tried to ensure the accuracy of this information.

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