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Adhesive Plates

Many people are using a green L plate after passing the driving test to indicate their inexperience.

Learn and Live, backed by many Road Safety and Driving experts, feels that the green L is too easily confused with the red Learner plate in poor light conditions, such as sodium street-lighting and of course, by those 1 in 30 males who are red/green colour blind.

Learn and Live recommends the use of the P for probationary plate during the vulnerable 2 years after passing thedriving test.

Newly-qualified drivers ARE NOT LEARNERS, but they are inexperienced, so a P plate more accurately describes the status of these motorists, particularly now that they are subject to a 2-year probationary period.

Our campaign has distributed well over 14,000 such plates countrywide and surveys have shown that other drivers do respond to them and give the inexperienced motorists extra space and time.

Plates can be obtained from various sources including Amazon and Ebay
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